Pantene: Montage


Design work created for Pantene's Global ad campaign. Designed and completed all in Flame using shot photosonic water elements as well as cg objects imported into the Flame. No pre-rendered CG was used in the creation of any elements.

Pantene: Mixed Measured Capsules

All Pantene spots were done completely in Flame. *Note: any reference to "CG" in any of these Pantene making'ofs, is refering to 3d spheres used in the Flame compositing environment. All "CG" style effects were done with a mixture of projected footage onto Flame spheres & Multi-Planing effects.

Pantene: Test Tubes

For this spot I manipulated approximately 30 different takes of HD water elements to produce the scene of water filling up a Vitamin E pill. The final contains everything from passes of water bubbles, spilling edges, crowning elements, to pouring water elements.