1800 Contacts: Moses

Fun project where the main task at hand was to part the red seas. Utilizing a combination of matte paintings for the skys & Cinema 4D for the water (in all the shots). We brought this project to life! Trickiest part was how to create the water parting. For this I used a combination of XParticles, C4D, Octane, & Flame to get the job done! Project done with the amazing folks at Ntropic.

VFX / Finishing: Ntropic SF
Creative Director / Founder: Nathan Robinson
Creative Director / CG / VFX Lead Flame Artist: Aaron Vasquez
VFX Set Supervisor: Andrew Sinagra
Flame Artist: Maya Bello
Matte Painter: Marco Iozzi
Flame Assistant: Gillen Burch
Producer: Emily Avoujageli